we’ve performed on many splendid occasions including: 
stockwerk jazz club (graz, austria), artacts ’12 (st. johann, austria), cafe oto, the vortex, live on resonance (104.4fm), coastal waters (brighton and hove radio) and bbc jazz on 3 (’07) had tracks aired on somethin’ else bbc jazz on 3 (28.5.12) sonic imperfections, telegraph hill festival, xposed club special, surroundings festival (dusseldorf), club integral @the grosvenor and at the others n16, improvised music concert series @shoreditch church, concert celebrating female artists’ contribution to improvised music, spontanno! thirsty fish festival 08, the others, boat-ting club, london new wind festival (yes) ‘09 and ’10, freedom of the city festival of radical and improvised music, mopomoso, haringey independent cinema club accompanying ‘A Man With a Movie Camera’ (1929) ’13, 176 gallery (kentish town), jazz rumours at cross kings, 2:13 club, ‘new year, new sounds’ @bac, flim flam, oxford improvisers club, the others and have recorded several times for 2:13tv.

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another review of a live gig
vile scrapings, sublime strummings, obnoxious pluckings and joyful splutterings r us

the proof is in the pudding and a foretaste is at your fingertips
‘BARREL unwrapped’ 2:13tv christmas special 2010


july ’13, our live performance at artacts 12 (st johann in tyrol) released with idyllic noise label

a selection of BARREL live recordings released with the illustrious EMANEM label

review of our first gig freedom of the city festival ‘07
Gratuitous Abuse album - reviews

touching extremes 3.9.13

all about jazz 9.2.12

fouter & swick review 24.11.11.pdf 

all about jazz 28.11.11

sunday times 21.11.11

featured jazzreview album 28.12.11.pdf
for those who read german, 
a review of our gig at stockwerk jazz club 9.3.12 another review of a live gig ‘Gratuituous Abuse’ was in The Wire’s ‘critic’s choice’ list of albums of 2012
Barrel at Artacts ’12 album review

http://ears4eyes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/barrel-live-at-artacts-12-idyllic-noise.html http://ears4eyes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/barrel-live-at-artacts-12-idyllic-noise.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0