Horst Nonnenmacher - Double Bass
Anna Kaluza - Alto Saxophone
Niko Meinhold - Piano/Toy Piano/Accordion/Koto
Alison Blunt - Violin
Manuel Miethe - Soprano Saxophone
29th November ‘15
Novilla, Berlin
14th July ‘15
Album celebration gig at Kuhlspot, Berlin
9th and 10th May ‘15
8pm, 21st December ’14
at Jazz at MIM, Tiergarten Strasse 1, 10785 Berlin
5th October ’14
at Jazz and More Festival, Sibiu, Romania
27th September ’14
at AUT Fest, Noyman Miller’s, Berlin
14th March
at Artacts ’14, St Johann in Tyrol, Austria
Autumn ’13
7th September, recording in Oxfordshire
8th September, at The Vortex, London
Summer ’13
26th July at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin
Spring ’13
12th March at BFlat, Berlin
14th March at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin
Summer & Autumn ’12
5th July, SOWIESO Neukölln
13th September, Gut Holzhausen
15th September, @Surroundings ’12 new music festival, Dusseldorf
16th September, Great Heisenberg, Berlin
Spring ’12
23rd March with Tristan Honsinger at Atelier Alain Hérard
25th March, Great Heisenberg dropbox gallery
29th March with Tristan Honsinger at Collegium Hungaricum
Winter ‘11
27th Nov @B1, Berlin
30th Nov @Cafe A&S, Berlin with special guests -
Ricardo Tejero (sax) and Matthias Müller (tbne)
 Autumn, ’11
16th Sept at the Lumen URC, London
18th Sept at Mopomoso at the Vortex, Dalston
19th Sept, AMAN Quartet performs at Servant Jazz Quarters, London
Summer ’11
at Fincan, Berlin
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26th May 2015! 2nd album with AUT Records! 
Preview two whole tracks and buy the album “Hanam at Piggotts” HEREhttp://www.autrecords.com/project/hanam-quintet-hanam-at-piggottshttp://www.autrecords.com/shapeimage_1_link_0
An audience member’s response to our 1st gig at Fincan, Berlin, June 2011:
“I heard the band the first time at Fincan and I was amazed by the expressive but fine developed music. At first it appears to be introverted to a certain point. It is somewhat different to 'normal' free jazz. Fine lines maybe inspired from composers like Nono or Scelsi merge into delicate soundscapes with the subtle use of a large vocabulary of extended techniques a la Lachenmann or Ligeti. But the sound ideal is not at all limited to music of the 20th century, their sound is both playful and sophisticated. The communication is on a high level due to quick reactions, good empathy and a similar understanding of taste in the band. But then again it might happen, that Niko bangs a rude cluster on the toy piano.
I have never heard a better ensemble at Fincan!”
HANAM Quintet at Vortex 8.9.13 photo credit Noel Taylor 2013